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Welcome to The Nanny Solutions a little bit about us…

We offer a platform and introductory employment service, this is where we have a database of carers and parents/guardians. We allow for profiles and ads to be posted thus helping to find the Nanny or Family you are looking for.

We ourselves do not offer a recruitment service and don’t recommend or match nannies to families. Though we do want you find the perfect fit for your family or the perfect family for you. So we often post and upload new articles and blogs to hopefully try and help make the decision making easier.

Why ‘The Nanny Solutions’?

Good question right? Let me tell you a little story as to why I decided to start this venture and offer this service. I myself have been a Nanny and an Early Childhood Educator so I have the experience and a different perception of what a Nanny role should entail.

I have come to learn over my time being a Nanny through families and other Professional Nannies (that’s right! They exist) that not all Nannies are of the same calibre and some families are not equal either. Now with my own eyes I’ve seen this, I heard families asking for advice on where to find a decent Nanny and what criteria they should meet. Then from the other side I’ve had Nannies who have asked for referrals to good families.

It’s disappointing that some people don’t take Nannying as seriously as others- some choose this to be their career and are passionate about it and then to know some families are struggling to find THAT Nanny- the kind that takes initiative and loves what they do.

So as my little helping hand I would like to provide the platform for families to find their perfect Nanny that provides the best possible care. And for a Nanny who can find a family who is respectful and appreciative. Have a read through some of the articles and hopefully they help with what can be a tedious process.

Enjoy ‘The Nanny Solutions’ Journey.


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