Birthday Parties

Children’s parties can be a little daunting at the very least. Because lets’ face it, every year once your child can articulate and speak, they always ask for a birthday party. Typically, families have parties every second year- the BIG ones; 1 year, 3 year and 5 years etc.

To try and make parties a little smoother and easier here are some helpful tips and hints to make the day a BLAST!

·         Remember some families don’t wish for their children to have lots of lollies, so loot bags of

different kinds are always appreciated (Play Dough makes a great alternative)

·         PINTEREST has lots of great ideas

·         Come up with a theme; whether that’s colours, objects, characters. Just makes party planning so much easier.

·         Typically, children’s parties only go for 2 hours long. So make a plan for this length. Usually it’s 2 hours because children don’t take long to exhaust themselves and it fits around their nap times. 

  • Tip Kmart have a ‘Alpen Helium Balloon Kit’ these are awesome! They retail for $39. It roughly fills 30 balloons. So that’s $1.30 per balloon which is cheaper than going to a party shop and getting balloons

  • Children’s parties don’t need to be expensive, we all like to save money where we can! So shop around for the best prices, online is the easiest and most convenient 
  • Australia has one of the worst rates of food allergies in the world- so make sure any allergies are declared for catering purposes 
  • CHILDREN’S ENTERTAINER? You could be thinking about hiring someone to help entertain the children. This could be a clown, fairy, magician, puppeteer or Disney Princess etc.These can be great but be aware they also do not come cheap. Usually they are hired by the hour and provide all the activities for that time.
  • Party games: make sure these are age appropriate. Older children will get bored of a ‘babies’ game. Examples of games at a party are; pass the parcel, pin the tail on the donkey, treasure hunt (with written clues for older children), piñata, musical statues, musical chairs etc 

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