Facts for Parents/Guardians

The Nanny Solution does not help recruit, recommend or endorse Nannies. We provide an affordable database in which you can search and find a Nanny that matches your criteria. We also have many articles about finding that perfect one.

The Nanny solution does not check or verify credentials that a Nanny claims to obtain. It is the responsibility of the parents to make sure that the Nanny has all the relevant qualifications/certificates.

When a Nanny signs up to The Nanny Solutions- there is a lot of information that we gather to create their profile and make in transparent for the parents. It will have their name, picture (Optional), availability, location, experience, a blurb describing themselves and relevant qualifications.

The Nanny Solution is an introductory employment network- this means that we provide the service and database to allow you to find the Nanny that you require.

In addition to Nannies, you can also find House Keepers, Baby Sitters, AuPairs. These will be displayed in the Carers profile.

When Nannies sign up we ask for a location and how far they are willing to travel. The location shown will be their suburb, you can narrow down the search to find a nanny near you.

We are not an agency- we are an introductory employment service. Our goal is to provide a network and database full of Nannies that meet your expectations. Parents purchase a membership in turn allows them to post a job and search the database for Nannies. An agency will screen and recommend a Nanny that suits your criteria. At The Nanny Solution we do not offer these services, thus making the costs low- (cheaper membership) and not charging large recruitment fees to families. For more information read our Terms of Use.

Pay will vary will vary depending on a Nanny’s experience, this can be negotiated- often Nannies have a set rate themselves. There are no awards which specifically cover a Nanny, though www.fairwork.gov.au will verify the obligations of an employer and what an employee is entitled too. Here are some points that may help to clarify what a Nanny should be paid:

  • A Nanny who is qualified or equivalent experience is paid anywhere between $20 – $30+ an hour. These nannies have extensive experience and are confident in sole charge positions. Pay will fluctuate depending on the job role, hours, number of children and age of children.
  • A Nanny who is hired purely for before/after school care are often paid a higher rate, due to the penalty of the split shift.
  • An AuPair is paid a weekly allowance and included in their ‘wage’ is all their living expenses. The typical guide is $300+ and also a bonus at the end of their employment.
  • A Nanny is an employee so is entitled to all employment benefits such as superannuation and holiday/personal leave.
  • Some Nannies will be contractors meaning that they will organise their own tax and superannuation. Bear in mind, that a Nanny is only considered a contractor when they work 30 or less hours for a family, anything over this they are considered an employee to the family. This will require the family (employers) to do taxes and super.

We have 4 different membership options to suit all needs and budgets.

  • One Off- One ad Post $10 (Ideal for babysitting) Expires after two weeks- will no longer be able to access database after this period.
  • Monthly $20 a month- One Job post.
  • Quarterly (3 Months) $ 50 *Save $10 – 3 Job posts – One at a time.
  • Yearly (12 Months) $ 110  *Save $40- Unlimited Job Posts- One at a time.

Facts For Carers

Every state in Australia have different ways in which you can verify a Working with Children’s Check. Please read the article on Verifying WWCC in the different states in Australia.

A Working with Children’s Check is a requirement for a volunteer or employee receives in order to work with children. This check includes a national criminal history check and a review of findings of workplace misconduct.

The Nanny Solutions is an employment introductory service. Meaning that the Carers and Parents recruit each other through the site.

YES! For Nannies it’s absolutely free!

Great News! Now you can search on the database and find a position suitable to you! You can search via postcode to find a job close to you. You can then apply for a job and talk directly to the poster of the ad. Also parents will be able to view your profile and if you’re what they are looking for they will communicate directly.

We want to make sure the profile of Nannies on the site are current and accurate. So, we suggest updating your profile every 3 months to make it more visible to those searching.

It all depends on your experience as to how you would charge. Usually it’s between $20-$30 an hour depending on experience and the job role.

There is no guarantee what jobs will be advertised, though we encourage full time and part time, occasional, babysits, afterschool care and au-pairs.

When creating a profile, you will be able to specify that days and hours in which you’re available.

Yes, you’ll be able to edit your profile and update any or all information. There is an edit option at the bottom of your profile which will allow you to make changing accordingly.

All the information that is submitted on this site is kept confidential, please read our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions for further information.

Any carer- a Nanny, babysitter and au-pair.

Please read article Definitions of carers.

The Nanny Solutions is not an agency, we do not conduct any recruitment services or recommend carers or parents. This is an employment introductory service.

Congratulations if you’ve found a position that meets both yours and the parents’requirements! Just send a message in response to the ad and wait for a return reply. The parent will be notified that you have responded to their ad.

We hope that everyone uses this site accordingly and for its’ purpose, if there is any concern or any reason to believe that you are being contacted for any other reason, please contact us so we can investigate.

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